Fast Facts About Fascia-Style Gutters

Have you ever heard of fascia-style gutters before? They’re one of the most popular types of gutters across the Western portions of the United States and Canada. They offer a subtle and refined appeal to homes with visual elements that simply aren’t found in standard gutters.

How Fascia-Style Gutters Work

Unlike K-style or half-round gutters, fascia-style gutters are directly installed onto the edge of the roof’s fascia boards. This is so the smooth face of the gutter hides the edge of the rafter tails, making them a common sight in homes that don’t normally have a fascia board installed along the lower roof edges. They’re also larger than standard gutters, which means they can handle more water runoff and won’t easily overflow.

Like most gutter styles, installing fascia-style gutters comprise a long stretch of metal material – usually aluminum – that’s custom-built for the home. That’s why installing them is best left to the pros. Fascia-style gutters also tend to be pricey compared to other gutter styles, but they’re often worth the investment, especially if you live in areas that have frequent rainfall throughout the year.

Fascia-Style Gutters and Their Benefits

Investing in fascia-style gutters can provide you with numerous benefits for your home, including:

  • Increased protection. Fascia-style gutters provide a bit of protection to your home’s siding. They shield an area that gets a lot of moisture, which greatly helps preserve your roofing system as well as some parts of your home exteriors.
  • Enhanced curb appeal. Fascia gutters are often a head-turner because of their unique aesthetic. Their sleek design gives a clean, finished look to your home exterior. Given how fascia-style gutters blend within the roofline, it’s as if your home doesn’t have standard gutters installed.

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